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As I was blogging about Mike Hanopol the other day, I kept recalling the OPM songs that my sister always sings. I remember the band Aegis, one of her favorites as a matter of fact. One song that pops up was this: Luha (it means Tears). I knew this wasn't an original song of Aegis because I have heard of this song long before Aegis band was conceptualized (and long before Aegis members were born? I hope not.)

I keep hearing my sister sing this song during videoke time. Who introduced me to this song first? My aunt who, long before videoke became popular, loves to sing in the bathroom. I can her her singing in my room upstairs. That was the time when we stayed in their house, temporarily. There's just two of them in the house so they were kind enough to let my entire family in... for the second time. She loves this song. That's what I sense from her way of singing because she sings her heart out with this. A gesture that made me guess... she wants to shout at somebody because she is mad. Ahhh... I was still a school girl then but surely this song reminds me of her.

Here is my translation:
LUHA - (Tears)

Akala ko ikaw ay akin (I thought you were mine)
Totoo sa aking paningin (Real in my sight)
Ngunit nang ikaw ay yakapin (But when I hugged you)
Naglaho sa dilim (You disappear from darkness)
Ninais kong mapalapit sa’yo (I wanted to get near you)
Ninais kong malaman mo (I wanted to tell you)
Ang mga paghihirap ko (All my sacrifices)
Balewala lang sa’yo (Meant nothing to you)

Ikaw ay aking minahal (I have loved you)
Kasama ko ang Maykapal (Together with the Almighty)
Ngunit ako pala’y naging isang hangal (But I was a fool)
Naghahangad ng isang katulad mo (Aspiring for someone like you)

Hindi ko na kailangan (I don't need 'you')
Umalis ka na sa aking harapan (Move away from me)
Damdamin ko sa `yo ngayon ay naglaho na (My feelings for you have vanished)
At ito ang ‘yong tandaan (And remember this)
Ako’y masyadong nasaktan (I am really hurt)
Pag-ibig at pagsuyo na kahit na sa luha (My love and affection that even in tears)
Mababayaran mo (You are going to pay)

Tingnan mo ang katotohanan (Look at reality)
Na tayo’y pare-pareho lamang (That we are all the same)
May damdamin ding nasasaktan (We have aching feelings)
Puso mo’y nasaan (Where is your heart?)

Ayaw ko nang mangarap (I don't wanna hope/dream)
Ayaw ko nang tumingin (I don't wanna look anymore)
Ayaw ko nang manalamin (I don't wanna see the mirror)
Nasasaktang damdamin (My feelings are hurt)
Gulong ng buhay (the wheel of life)
Patuloy-tuloy sa pag-ikot (Continues to turn)
Noon ako ay nasa ilalim (I was at the bottom before)
Bakit ngayon nasa ilalim pa rin (But why am I still in the bottom?)
Sana bukas nasa ibabaw naman (I hope I will be on top tomorrow)


5 Responses
  1. Topaz Says:

    A good effort. Very helpful indeed. Thank you. Cheers. X]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sakada band is the original singer of that song, Luha.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I've heard the song in the radio when i was still in elementary (wayback late '80s) and yes it was the sakada (or sikada??) band who originally sang it. The only difference is the rendition and the last part of the song... ---alex aquino

  4. Bea Morales Says:

    Have any hq audio on this song?much better if its flac

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The original is By Mryna Abenoja.of Sakada band.She is a sister of Rey Abenoja, the only male member and lead guitarist of Aegis. The composer is Celso Abenoja, their elder brother. Celso is the composer of all original songs of Aegis. But sad to say he is already dead.

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