Laklak - Gloc9 and Dong Abay

I have loved this song before and I appreciated it even more when this version was released a long time ago before I started to work in Manila.

The last part of the original says: Laklak ka ng laklak, mukha ka nang parak! (You keep on drinking, you already look like a cop). It caught my attention because that was the time when cops/police officers here in the Philippines were directed to trim down. I believe it was the term of Sen. Panfilo Lacson. There were initiatives on reforming the ranks of the Philippine National Police.

Oh well, it's about time they change. But have they really changed? I always wonder if I will really feel secured when I am with a cop. Sometimes, one can't stop and wonder what kind of officer is this? The good one or the bad one?

I once heard of a cop story. He was assigned to a new place and because he held higher position, he was sanctioned to give protection to a politician. The latter, being happy with the services of the officer, eventually ordered the cop to hit a rival. The good cop then, despite his shame of serving the politician personally, finally decided to quit. I have heard of this cop before and per records, he is indeed a good cop, a moral one. I applaud him for quitting that dirty job. And as for that politician.... to bad he didn't stay long in the position.

We can't deny that indeed, there are rotten eggs in the basket. Why you may ask? because there are cuddlers as well. Ah! My blood pressure's rising. Let's drink to that! Tagay!

LAKLAK - (Contraction of words drink alcohol)
Nagsimula sa patikim tikim (It started with frequent tasting)
Pinilit kong gustuhin (I tried to like it)
Bishoy nagsimulang lumalem (The vice grew deeper)
Kaya ngyon ang hirap tanggalin (That's why it is hard to quit)
Kabilin bilinan ng lola (Grandma always told me)
Wag nang uminom ng serbesa (Do not drink cerveza)
Ito'y hindi inuming pam bata (This is not for kids)
Mag softdringks ka nalang muna (Drink softdrinks first)
Pero ngyon akoy matanda na (Now that I'm older)
Lola pahingi ng pantoma (Grandma give me money for my drink)
Yan na nga (This is it)
Tumataas na ang amats ko (I am getting drunk)
Kasi laklak maghapon magdamag (Because I drink all day, all night)

(This is the rap part)
Tayo na halika (Let's go, com'om)
Isalin mo na serbesa (Pour out the cerveza)
Ilabas mo na yang mesa (Bring out the table)
E baso bote o tasa hoy! (the glass, bottle or mug)
Bumili ka na ba ng yelo (Did you buy ice)
Luto na pala kutyero (Is the menu cooked?)
Ng tyuhin mong bumbero (Menu of your fireman uncle)
At tatay mo na kutyero (And your jockey father)
Ipasa mo nayang tagay (Pass the shot glass)
Marami naka antabay (A lot are waiting)
Na humahaba na hanay (The line is getting longer)
Na meron pang makipag away (Some even fight)
Ng alang-alang sa alak (Because of the alcohol)
Na parabang naka batak (They who seem like in drugs)
Hindi yan naka tapak (Not because he stepped)
Ng mga utak na may lamat (On a brain with cracks)
Tulad nito siguro si bruno matigas ang ulo (Like Bruno who is hard headed)
Hindi mo na mapipigil humalik sa bote o baso (You won't resist kissing a bottle or glass)
Pag may nag kakasiyahan (If there is merry-making)
At may nagkaka tugtugan (And there is music)
Hindi mo na mapigilan habang nag kakainuman (You can no longer resist while you are drinking)
Sige na umuwi kalasing kana (Go ahead, you go home)
Na sumusuka pa (You're throwing up)
Teka bakit umiikot ang yong mga mata (Wait, why are your eyes spinning?)
Sino bang may sabing uminom ka ng labing lima (Who told you to drink 15?)
Hindi ka rin naman pala tanga (You are not a fool)

Gloc-9 Feat. Dong Abay - Laklak - Gloc9

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