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It's been a while since I wrote here. I was expecting my co-author (Yes, I now have a co-author -music247- also a music addict) to post a blog but I guess, it's still on the way.

I was in the City of Pines last night. It was one of the biggest gatherings I have attended in my alam mater since I graduated and there was a lot of fun. I didn't mind the trip plus the financial factor that is currently hurting me. Just the thought of going back to the one of my most favorite places, is enough to keep me going. Here is a photo of the famous "Oblation" of the University of the Philippines, my beloved UP.

My college days was the first time I was separated from my parents for a such a long time. They said it was a form of liberation to be living away from parents. I agree, but what is more liberating is to be counted as one of those "lucky" UP students. I do not subscribe to things that are meant to compare schools from one another, most especially, we are all on the same footing. To me, the difference between these big universities are their students -the future hope of the motherland, so to speak.

My parents are proud of me -for passing the entrance exam of UP, but I was so scared. I was scared of college life that is why I asked myself "Will I survive"? (This is another song, not related to the previous post I made about "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor). Then there was this OPM band (Priginal Pilipino Music) who sang this song. It was supposed to be a love song but I got struck by its title. This is memorable to me because I was separated from my parents, uprooted from my hometown, endured this "culture shock" that every freshman student would encounter when they frist enter UP. This is it... life now is going to be me and others, me and my school, me and my classmates, me and the world. I didn't mean it as a competition. It was more of either I make it or I break it. It was tough for me especially when you developed so much dependence on the people around you, my parents most especially. Then it hit me! My decisions are now me!

There was this Math subject handled by Ma'am Joy (which after I graduated from college, I learned is also a member of ANAK-UP). Mark was a classmate who can play the electric organ. We had this one project, a presentation, and there he played this song. He was good and I enjoyed the music even more. The topic back then was "Making Math Fun!" I did not just had fun, I think I was in a cloud! (Exaggeration? Nuh!). This is also one of the reasons why I think this is my college life song. After all, college life was not really scary. I survived UP and I'm proud of that. I never thought I would admit that because I thought I was really a failure in UP. Then I came to think of it, after our anniversary celebration last night, I am proud of UP. I am proud to be called ANAK-UP! And hurrah, I survived!

This is the lyrics of the song:

Lyrics | Will I Survive lyrics

Will I Survive - Introvoys

PS. ANAK in the Filipino language means a "child" and the acronym ANAK-UP is: Alyansa ng Nagkakaisang Kabataan sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (Alliance of United Youth in UP)

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