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I'm a Kenny Rogers fan as far as his songs are concerned. He has a lot of songs that I know so well. I will be writing some of them here too, on my future blogs. I knew the song first before I have discovered that this Love Song was sung my Kenny. I guess he is also the original singer, I just wonder why I did not recognize his voice when I first heard this.

Because of my prodding, my friend permitted me to write this story. I am writing about a friend from my last workplace. She's the best I had when I was still working there. You see, we shared a lot of things. But wait, there's more...!

I mean, let me tell something more about her :-)

She's pretty, sweet, friendly, caring and most of all, a very proud mom! If you'll see his cute little boy, I'm sure you'd be very, very proud too! Our first encounter was in Waterhole in Shangri-La EDSA. She had the offer she can't resist so she joined our company and would-soon-to-be one of my trainees in one of our projects. Since then, we exchanged issues, shared ideas, communicated frustrations and the rest is history. We would then become so updated with each other. Thanks to modern technology.

One of our conversations back then was about her failing relationship, and I told her everything we talked about reminded me of this song. I guess the way they relationship is ending made me think of this song. It was just about saying goodbye, nothing else. From my point, the reason of the doomed relationship is: wanting to say goodbye. I said I don't like "goodbyes" and she said "who would be happy with goodbyes?" but have to say it after all. I didn't want to hear goodbye, but what is more important for me is her happiness. To make the story shorter: So there was a goodbye but it was more of a relief for her to see someone-she-used-to-love free again and now a happily engaged person.

Now, I am happy for my friend. I feel sad about that part but all the more, I am still happy for her. And now I miss her because I bade her goodbye. I just had to leave the company. We are still friends and I know we'll remain that way through eternity. I have to write this story because I also said goodbye and now we're 5-hour-bus-ride-apart.

Here's the song:

A Love Song - Kenny Rogers

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