I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

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I have mentioned about this song in my previous blogs. This is my favorite videoke song, and my sister too. I love to sing this song because of it's very lively tone plus the chance to dance on its interlude or instrumental part. I'd rather sing it than dance to it. My sister is good in both dancing and singing so I grab the mic from her when we reach the instrumental part of this song. (That's her with our new baby in the family, Chezka.)

I remembered to write about this song because I was thinking of the previous post from raimster16. I asked myself "what if the boyfriend came back, not to love her back, but just to give her hope". It is not far from possible because sometimes we tend to love a person (or so we thought) because we feel sorry about them. We don't want to see them crying. It's like there is something we could do but that is a quicksand, if you know what I mean.

We feel so sorry about them to the extent that we neglect our own happiness just to see such people to be happy. I do that, so don't wonder why I had this thought coming around. So I said, go ahead raimster, you can do it! You will survive this by yourself. You wouldn't need him again if he will just give you false hopes. That's when I remembered to write about this song.

I also would like to talk about my sister whom I'm reminded when I hear this song. I love her and I would never trade anybody else for her. She is the best for me! So to my best friend, my drinking buddy, my favorite sister, my "ATE"... We will survive as we always do!

I love you siz!

Above is the lyrics of the song. If it is loading very, very slow, try this link:

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

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