When You Say Nothing at all - Ronan Keating

I am a person of deep thought. However, I do not normally keep things to myself. In fact, I am a very expressive person, no wonder I keep blogging. But I am a believer of the saying that "if you have nothing good to say, zip your mouth"

I have to admit though that most of the time, this virtue really challenges me. It is too difficult to keep my mouth shut when my heart is beating so fast and I know I can beat the crap out of the person I am having an argument with...

You say it best when you say nothing at all... Right now, I don't know where the conversation have gone. I used to be able to interpret silence but now, I no longer know it's meaning. Probably I'm getting a lot of silence and I only hear myself. Am I winning the argument or am I losing it altogether? Nevertheless, I like playing this song with the guitar because it has easy chords.

I love the introduction of the song: "It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart" and I memorized that line by heart. I've memorized that since the movie Notting Hill. I even learned to sing it while playing the guitar.

I also wish I could say more but let me be quiet for a while. Let's just all check the lyrics of the song and if you want to hear the song, I downloaded it from Imeem so enjoy folks!

Thanks for taking the time to undesrtand me.

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When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating

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hi, I know this song, I used to sing it. By the way, I featured your blog today at .