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Today is the first of August and I just feel like I need to write and I have a very clear recollection of a very emotional song by A1. That is the title of this blog entry.

Let me start with the lyrics because this is the reason why this song stood out from the rest, as far as I'm concerned.

Lyrics | Everytime lyrics

I was in a van going home, idly listening to my ipod shuffle then I came accross this song. I suddenly remembered the story of someone close to me. This is a story of a couple having rough times in their relationship, fought back to be together, then sadly had to say goodbye for good. I've known them for how many years having full of love, sincerity and strength but short to be a perfect couple. Both of them are now happily engaged with somebody new but the ex-couples are still good friends. That is why this song reminds me of them.

I just envy them because after the relationship, their friendship lives on. I wonder how many of us feels that lovers should be good friends afterwards. I sometimes wish I could still be in good terms with lovers or friends or whoever I used to consider special and used to be close with, and that includes some relatives, who give you heartaches, problems and pains more than anyone else. Ooopsss, wait, i didn't mean all of them. At least some of them. Well, at least I have some who are still my good friends after the pain they caused me. (sigh!) The reason is: I easily forget the pain then move on.

Ok so I guess this is just it. I'm short to saying "Love makes the world go round so let's spread it!"

For your listening pleasure:
A1 - EverYtimE

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