Love Moves in Mysterious Ways - Julia Fordham

A story from my friend Ryan.

This is an original by Julia Fordham then later on revived by Nina (a singer from the Philippines). I have always loved the lyrics of the song when I was still in college. I believe this song hit the airwaves mid-90s. I have always loved the rhythm, the lyrics and the slow pace of the song.

After more that 10 years, I was reminded of this song again when my ex-girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I got back together despite a long distance relationship. I know there was a mystery there. I left my hometown, got a good job and tried to forget the past, move on and tried to find someone new, but nothing happened. I believe it is impossible to happen but it did! It just happened. We're happily together!

Truly, love moves in mysterious ways!

Love Moves In Mysterious Ways - Nina

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