Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne

This is the only song I know that would remind me of a person I lost in the past. For the past few nights, I've been dreaming about her, thinking about her and my vivid thoughts are sometimes just about her -Jenny, my cousin.

I've lost her for seventeen (17) years now. She could have been a very pretty lady as she was before. Who knows, she might have her own family already. Too bad and too sad, this world can no longer witness that because she is gone ahead of us all.

Lyrics | Taylor Dayne lyrics - Love Will Lead You Back lyrics

I have no more means to verify with her, her story behind this song. But one thing came true: love leads her back. I only knew her deeply for about two weeks but I spent so many hours and nights with her, most especially when she was sick. We ate in her room together, laugh together, tell stories and all that friends would do together. It was one of my happiest moments but also the most painful part of my life. I was just trying to be firm because I know, she is above there, watching over us, praying for us even.

Let me share with you a poem my mom made when Jenny passed away.

I'LL BE BACK (1991)
Wipe the tears in your eyes dearest ones
i'm not dead as you see me dead
my spirit lives and have gone ahead
to the Kingdom of God and eternal rest

Grieve not my passing away from this world
pilgrims all we pass this way once
some chose the long and torturous roads
my route was short & easy as a dance

Fourteen years you had me in your midst
you've seen me laugh & dance & sing
if you see me now so still and unmoving
it's not because I am dead rather that I'm resting

For my journey through this earth though short and easy
still my heart never rests, my spirit weary
til I rest in His bossom
my God, the Almighty

But I'll be back dearest ones, I'll be back
You'll see me in your memories where I live on
I'll be in your midst in joy and fun
In spirit, I'll be back dearest ones.

-a dew
(copied with permission)

I miss you Jenny!

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