Welcome 2010

We are now approaching the twilight of the New Year and as soon our calendars change, so as our family, our friends, our job, our dreams, our memories. Year by year, we realize our accomplishments in life; we add new people to our circle of friends, we gain more memories, pictures are piling, yearbooks accumulate more dusts as it lies there in our book shelves. The coming year will definitely add more value to those we consider precious.

You know what is the most precious thing on earth no money can buy? It's those memories we lock inside the ventricle of our hearts. I remember a friend who told me that as the news of a big storm and flood coming to their area, the first thing she saved was her photo albums, all of it! You might wonder that of all things she wanted to save from flood are those photo albums. Absolutely! I'd do the same given the same situation. Nothing can replace the memories that those pictures have brought to our lives. Remember that first love letter you received from your husband when you were still high school sweethearts? Once in a while, we collect memories and a way of collecting them is through pictures, notes, your ticket stub to a concert even a table napkin where you wrote your "I love yous" during that most romantic date.

I am a memories collector myself and I came across a website that offers something for us to BE Remembered. It is a site where you can store those precious memories and offers automated reminder where you will not miss a birthday of your friend or relatives, the anniversary of wedding or even the day you and your loved one traveled in a very special place. The website guarantees to store your memories for as long as one decade! Imagine being updated before hand that a birthday or anniversary is coming up or your loved ones whom you intend to share those precious memories with will likewise be reminded in TEN years! That's what about living on means. Those memories you consider precious will just go on, and go on and still go on for ten long years.

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