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Today is the first of December and we are now on the first week of Advent. This was the first Christmas song I learned from my community that I love so much. My community, Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon, was so welcoming when I joined the choir or the Music Ministry.

What is so memorable for me about this Christmas song is my appreciation of the "voices" in music. They are the soprano, alto, tenor and bass. I am one of the altos. We sang this song in four voices before although I still don't have an appreciation of such arrangement those times. I just sang it and followed their instructions. I lack internalization back then, which I think I already have now. Our music team is very patient in teaching us, you know, and I truly admire him. I am a slow learner, most particularly in music, but I do internalize things to alleviate my learning skills.

Christmas is in the air again. This is my most favorite part of the year! I am excited to sing this song again. We are to sing at our parish church on a dawn mass (we call it "Simbang Gabi"). Some may ask what is Simbang Gabi? That is the nine day novena in preparation for the birthday of Jesus Christ. The tradition starts on the 16th of December until the 24th. The sermon of the priest once explained that misa de gallo (I believe the Spanish term for simbang gabi) came from the words meaning "mass with rooster". The priest's explanation is that in the old days, when people still don't have alarm clocks, the townspeople wake up at the crowing of the roosters. They would then prepare for the mass. It wasn't really evening, which is the literal translation of the word "gabi" but we're just used to calling it "simbang gabi" because it is still dark when devotees head to the church. We can still see the moon shining so brightly (during good weather).

Oh well, that is just my short story/explanation of our tradition.

Below is the lyrics of the song and it's translation I borrowed from this site:
Isang dalaga’y maglilihi,
Batang Lalaki ang sanggol.
At tatawagin siyang: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel.”
(repeat 1)

Magalak! Isinilang ang Poon.
Sa sabsaban Siya’y nakahimlay.
Nagpahayag ang mga anghel; “Luwalhati sa Diyos!”
(repeat 1 and 2 together, and then 1)

Coda: Kahuluga’y, nasaatin ang Diyos!
Nasaatin ang Diyos! Nasaatin ang Diyos!

EMMANUEL (English)

Behold, the Virgin shall be with Child
And shall bring forth a son
And they shall call His name: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel”

Rejoice! The Savior is born.
In the Manger is the Christ child lain
All the angels thoughout proclaim; “The Savior is born!”
Coda: In other words, “God with us!” (3x)

Emanuel - Bukas Palad

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what part of the mass is this song sung?