Mga Kababayan Ko - Francis Magalona

"Three stars and the sun" that was the kind of t-shirt design my friend from the USA was looking for. I was asked to search or look for a shirt like that. It should be easy, I thought, because eversince this famous Pinoy rapper passed away, T-shirts printed with his face or some ornaments that would compliment his songs were largely circulated among the local artists and of course to the can-afford public. I was shocked to learn that such a shirt costs as much as 3 or 4 times the amount you could get from a simple shirt in the malls.

I am not yet that well-to-do you know. Buying such an expensive shirt for my friend who is from US was not practical. I have always been an economical or practical person. I am just trying to make ends meet according to my ability to earn. Hay... Economics! Anyway, I have nothing against the T-shirt being sold for a cause. It was for a good cause after all. In fact, I admire the shirt and I love to have one but I can't afford this one. Anyway, Christmas came with just a little penny on my pocket. I chanced upon a local dry goods store. I saw this yellow shirt (my favorite color, have I said that?) with a map of my country embroidered on its left chest. My eyes were fixed on it so I closed my eyes... and imagined I could own that shirt... then I opened my eyes... and presto! The saleslady handed the shirt to me. I will consider that as the most wonderful gift I have received this Holiday Season. With so much rejoicing over having a shirt most pleasing to my eyes, I bought another color, for my sister. Once again, I closed my eyes, so the reality that I am letting go of my penny will escape me a bit. LOL! It was a gift for my sister, I said. So it is worth it. My consolation came when I gave my gift to my sister, she liked it! So there... I got my shirt and somehow, it would help me show the world (or just my neighbors and friends) that my love for this country is lit albeit flickering because of the ongoing chaos and tumult (the floods, the economic downfall, the massacre, dirty politics, volcanic eruption, etc). This is the reason why I came back, and I wanna stay, so in my own little way, I could help my country. Staying and facing the troubles, the gargantuan problems of this country, is my means of helping this nation. If Francis M. helped or promoted the Philippine culture and aspiration through his music, I think I could help simply by not adding insult to injury, do something good to others, show some love primarily to your family and friends then perhaps love to your enemies will also find its way through our hearts. I used to be an idealistic person, a normal feeling for youngsters, and I think with the words I just shared with you, I am re-living my idealism, only with a tinge of realism and "practicalism" (or the right term "practicality").

And again, my little contribution to our music industry... my own translation of the song Mga kababayan ko by Francis M.

Mga kababayan ko (my town-mates)
Dapat lang malaman nyo (It's right for you to know)
Bilib ako sa kulay ko (I believe in/proud of my color)
Ako ay pilipino (I am Filipino)
Kung may itim or may puti (If there is white or there is black)
Mayron naman kayumangi (There is also brown)
Isipin mo na kaya mong (Think that you can)
Abutin ang yung minimithi (reach your goals/aspirations)

Dapat magsumikap para tayo'y di maghirap (We should strive harder so we won't suffer)
Ang trabaho mo pagbutihin mo (Your work, do good)
Dahil pag gusto mo ay kaya mo (Because if you want it, you can do it)
Kung kaya mo ay kaya nya (For if you can he also can)
At kaya nating dalawa (and both of us can do it)

Magaling ang atin (Ours is great)
Yan ang laging iisipin (always put that in mind)
Pag asensyo mararating (Progress/development can be achieved)
Kung handa kang tiisin (If you're ready to bear)
Ang hirap at pagod sa problema (poverty, tiredness with problems)
Wag kang malunod (Dont get drowned)
Umaahon ka wag lumubog (Get up, don't sink)
Pagka't ginhawa naman ang susunod (Because there is rest after)
Iwasan mo ang ingit (Avoid envy)
Ang sa ibay ibig mong makamit (What others have you want to own)
Dapat nga ikaw matuwa sa napala ng iyong kapatid (In fact you whould be happy for the blessing of your sibling)
Ibig kung ipabatid (I want to let you know)
Na lahat tayo'y kabig bisig* (That we are all arms locked/connected)

Respetohin natin ang ating ina (Respect our mother)
Ilaw siya ng tahanan (Sh is light of the home)
Bigyang galang ang ama (Give honor to father)
At ang payo ang susudan (and honor his advice)
At sa magkakapatid (and to siblings)
Kailang ay magmahalan (love one another)
Dapat lang ay pag usapan ang hindi nauuwaan (It's right to talk over things you don't undrstand)

Wag takasan ang pag kukulang (Don't evade from your shortcomings)
Kasalan ay panagutan (Be responsible to your faults)
Magmalinis ay iwasan (Avoid pretending you are clean)
Nakakainis marumi naman (It's irritating that its unclean)
Ang mag kaaway ipag bati (Mediate to those who are warring/fighting)
Gumitna ka ang wag kumampi (Stay in the middle and be not bias)

Lahat tayoy magkakapatid (We are all siblings)
Anong mang mali ay ituwid (Correct whatever is wrong)
Magdasal sa diyos maykapal (Pray to God Almighty)
Maging banal at wag hangal (Be holy and don't be a fool)
Itong tula ay alay ko (This poem I dedicate)
Sa inyo at sa buong mundo (To you and to the whole world)

Repeat chorus

01 - Francis M - ...

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