A Love Song - Kenny Rogers

I cried when I said goodbye. I cried even more when I looked back at her from the glass waving goodbye. I cannot let her know I was in tears because she has more reasons to cry being away from her family and I cannot admit to myself that I am crying. Being known as a strong person, crying is at the bottom of my vocabulary. But sometimes, I just have to let it out! Now, to back track on my story, keep reading.

I was in my out-of-the-country vacation for the summer. I visited relatives and friends in Singapore. Since temporary residence in Merlion City was very expensive, I was lucky enough to have been accommodated by six lovely people in their boarding house. I stayed with them for over a week and was fortunate to visit Sentosa and the Night Safari. I didn't really expect much from that vacation so being able to visit those places was a consolation for my vacation. All I really wanted is a home away from home. A place where I could be with some friends to visit and a comfortable place for slumber! Yes! Working for the pre-election was a "stressor" and I no longer want to linger on that memory. I was deprived of decent sleep but that was well reversed as soon as I set foot on Singapore land. It was all I longed for: a restful sleep!

I enjoyed it so much there that I brushed aside the thoughts of having to go back home. I just tried to sleep and wake up there thinking "Thank God I am still in Singapore!" Until the day of departure arrives!

I told myself: I should not cry but as soon as I reached the boarding gate, I couldn't help my tears! I just fixed my sunglasses so I could somehow hide my tears from other people. I didn't succeed. Last resort was to wipe it.

There you go! This is my story for this song.

A love song

Why do people cry
When they hear the word goodbye
In a love song?
Tears are sure to fall
When you know they gave it all
In a love song.
Somehow two lovers get a chance
At a beautiful romance
And you wish it could be you.

‘cause everybody’s needing
what the singers all are singing
in a love song.

It can tear you apart
‘cause a word can break a heart
in a love song.
They say all the things you feel
And they make it sound so real
In a love song.
It seems that everything they say
Is said in such a way
That we believe it’s true.

‘cause everybody’s needing …

Each of us know
there’s no guarantee
we’ll ever find love.
And in the songs that we share
The heartache is there
To remind us.
New love brings a thrill
And we know it always will
In a love song.

Happiness can leave
But it helps if we believe
In a love song.
There’s a part of you and me
In every memory
That tells us who we are.

And everybody’s needing …

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