Remember the Basic

An entry I wrote for our University.

During a play on a college ball game, my coach shouted "Remember the basic!" I wondered what it meant and then I realized, when playing the ball game, you must first know how to dribble the ball, then move away from your opponent then finally, aim and shoot the ball!

That's just it… the basics! I may be the point guard of the team, the ball handler and no mater how often or how used you are in that game, surely you'll commit mistake, you may remember the basic but do not apply it.

Now confronted with a lot of work in the office, some lesson plans to prepare and number of quizzes and exams to prepare, I concluded, life has been so complicated for me.

But this is just me. How about you? How about our university?

I honor the administration for all the innovations and improvements since the drive for "university-hood" has started. Now we are a university and the vigor for further improvement never stopped, like the on-going construction of the IT building, the improveing security force, maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness, widespread call for faculty dvelopment, etc.

Indeed we became at par with the prestigious schools in our nation as far as physical infrastructure and globalization are concerned. We are already here. This is what we are now.

But we became a university or a universil institution at that, because of the very basic thing that is… LOVE.


Out of our founders' love for each other, a mission was realized. Out of this mission, love for the community evolved thus, this institution came into being. And out of this institution, came thousands of students who came and keeps on coming back because of that "amor" that the administration had shown and continuously showing them.

Yes, we love them that they learned to love us in return. And the teaching force, as well as the university administration and staff did their best to serve our students. For that, I extend my salutation and felicitations to the administration.

We may have realized our goals and achieved our status now, but somewhere along the way, things may not go as it should. There will be no coach to shout back at us and so let us just remember, when we stumble, when we fall, its for certain that we have neglected the basic!

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