On song translations

The reason why I have to keep posting and existing no matter what.


I just found your translation for Joey Ayala's "Walang Hangang Paalam" and I was very touched by the deep meaning. Thank you so much for providing this.

As an Ilonga who was raised in Canada since the age of 4 (and so barely understands Ilonggo, and even less of Tagalog, much less of 'old' Tagalog), I am wondering if you have done other translations (from 'old' Tagalog to English) of Joey's songs, or any other most meaningful Filipino songs?

I would really like somehow to learn the 'deep Tagalog' (and deep Ilonggo too, if there is such a thing) as a way to understand/remain connected to my Filipino heritage. For now, if I could at least understand the meaning of these incredible songs, that would be a really welcome start.

If you could direct me to more of your Filipino translations (and/or to anyone else who might be willing to do something similar for Ilonggo), I would be so grateful.

Maraming Salamat po,

(name withheld)

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