I'm Almost Over You - Sheena easton

I did not see an old friend, I just remember an old song, the very first song why this blogsite was born: "I'll Say Goodby for the Two of Us by Expose"

I just want to hear the song again so I went over youtube and played it. Beside it is a list of related videos or songs and this song came up.

I thought I was over that song but when sentimental moments bite, I can't help but recall. Then I asked "Did I get over you?"

It turned out just right now, not yet. Sometimes I do, but not now... because I know you still hate me for saying goodbye!

Okay, enough emotions. Til next entry!


I'm Almost Over You
Sheena Easton

I saw an old friend of our's today
She asked about you, i didn't quite know what to say
Heard youv'e been making the rounds 'round here
While i've been trying to make tears disapear

Now im almost over you
I've almost shook these blues
So when you come back around
After painting the town
You'll see im almost over you...

You're such a sly one with a cold cold heart
Maybe leavin came easy, but it tore me apart
Time heals all wounds they say and i should know
Coz it seems like forever,
But im letting you go


I can forgive you and soon i'll forget all my shattered dreams
Although you left me with nothing to show
But all misery

( chorus )

When you come back around, after painting the town,
You'll see im almost over you...

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