Got to Believe in Magic - David Pomeranz

There was a movie produced sometime ago here in the Philippines bearing the same title. It was like a 10yr old movie whose lead actor, young and handsome at that in real life, died due a pancreatic disease (according to the news).

It was a movie my nurse friend kept on telling me to watch. Other than the movie, of course I liked the song so much. I love David Pomeranz.

Well anyway, I mentioned about my nurse friend because when she resigned from the hospital as a staff nurse, she gave me her nursing scrubs.  I asked for it since she was not going to wear them anymore. Besides, she'll be using new scrubs for the new hospital she will be working with.  Either the hospital will be providing them with new scrubs or they can personally buy them. If you shall ever ask where to buy cheap scrubs, you can actually order them online and courteous and accommodating order-takers will be there on the other line, 24/7!

I still have those old scrub pants she gave me.  I use them in the evening, in the comfort of my bedroom, at nap time.  You see how useful the scrubs are? They are even made of fine, quality clothing materials so I know I will enjoy them especially when it's nap time and you have mellow music playing in the background.

There goes my story.

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