Babae ( Woman ) - Inang Laya

The month of March is celebrated as the Women's month celebration here in the Philippines. Ever since I was in college, I learned a lot about being a woman, about their (our) struggles.

During my college days, I always see to it that majority of my research papers is related to women or feminism. Those were the days when equality of rights was still being initiated in our country. This is partly attributable to Cory Aquino's rise to Presidency. This is one of the reasons why I loved Cory. Then I got acquainted with the life and works of Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain then I revisited the life and works of Saint Joan of Arc. I really did not have to go far because, as stated in the song below, we have had women revolutionist here in the Philippines: Tandang Sora, Hule, Urduja, Gabriella etc.

At the start of this month, I know in my heart, without thinking, that somehow I will be a part of this marvelous celebration so when a list of activities was being circulated in our office, I wrote my name on all the activities therein. It was as if I really did not have to think at all. I joined the forum and the tree planting activities. We ended the celebration without the necessary bang but for me it was all that's worth it, simply because being a woman, I have been proud to be one.

We planted trees, mangrove trees.

In my mind, I am convinced that I did something beneficial today, not only manifesting my oneness with the celebration but in helping back mother nature. It was a tiring day for me but it's really worth it.

Thank you for reading. I will post some pictures soon so for now, I am leaving you with the lyrics of the song and my translation. I hope this helps.

By Inang Laya

Kayo ba ang mga Maria Clara (Are you Maria Clara) *Character from Jose Rizal's novels
Mga Hule at mga Sisa (The Hules or Sisas) *Character from Jose Rizal's novels
Na di maruning na lumaban? (Who do not know how to fight)
Kaapiha’y bakit iniluluha? (Crying over abuses/maltreatment)
Mga babae, kayo ba’y sadyang mahina? (Women, are you innately weak?)

Kayo ba ang mga Cinderella (Are you the Cinderellas) Cinderella - the fairy tale princess
Na lalake, ang tanging pag-asa? (Whose only hope are men)
Kayo nga ba ang mga Nena (Are you the Nenas) Nena - name for a prostitute
Na katawan ay ibinebenta? (Whose body/flesh is sold)
Mga babae, kayo ba’y sadyang pang-kama? (Women, were you made for bed)

Ang ating isip ay buksan (Let us open our minds)
At lipuna’y pag-aralan, (and study the society)
Ang nahubog ninyong isipan (your shaped/conditioned mentality)
At tanggaping kayo’y mga libangan (and accept that you are for entertainment)
Mga babae, ito nga ba’y kapalaran? (Women, is this fate?)

Bakit ba mayroong mga Gabriela (Why are there Gabrielas) *revolutionary women
Mga Teresa at Tandang Sora* (The Teresas and tandang soras)
Na di umasa sa luha’t awa? (Who did not hope for tears and mercy)
Sila’y nagsipaghawak ng sandata (they all held weapons)
Nakilaban, ang mithiin ay lumaya. (They fought, they desired to be free)

Bakit ba mayrong mga Lisa (Why are there Lisas)
Mga Liliosa at mga Lorena (Liliosas and Lorenas)
Na di natakot makibaka (Who did not fear to fight/protest)
At ngayo’y marami nang kasama? (and who are now accompanied by many)
Mga babae, ang mithiin ay lumaya! (Women whose goal is to be free.)

Copied the lyrics from this blog site: please read on.

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