Heal the World - Michael Jackson

Ahh... he passed away last June 25, PST (my cousin's birthday) and it was a shocking news. I remember seeing audience to his concert screaming, crying and even knocked out unconscious! He was indeed a pop icon. He is no other than Michael Jackson. An icon my nephew was named after (at least the first name Michael, like Michael Jordan and of course, Michael the archangel.)

I am a Michael Jackson fan because I love his songs. When I hear this song, Heal the world, I remember a classic all-star song "We Are The World" and he was one of those all starts who sang that music. Then here it is, Heal the world. A song for a cause, sang by Miachael Jackson himself.

I asked myself once, in the midst of all the controversies about this icon, who could have sang a song such as these? Is it someone who has lip service but hands are doing dirty things inside his pocket? Well, he was acquitted of all the cases he was alleged for. He was practically a free man, a clean man. Then he got married, had his kids but intrigues never seem to wade. That's the price of being a star.

I am not here to judge. I am here to tell you about this wonderful song and how I appreciate it so much because it is a song of hope. I appreciate it because the song depicted of kids who are indeed the future of this earth. It is just too bad these kids are exposed to war, pollution, over population and everything not-so-nice about this earth.

This was a call from a star himself... to heal the world. There is a recognition that the world is in dire need of help. So? What are we here for? To heal the world I guess... I guess???

Heal the world. It's either we are here to help or not. Which side are you?

Heal the World - Micheal Jackson

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