Explosion - Menudo

I just wrote about a Menudo song the previous post (Please Be Good to me) but you know who is the biggest Menudo fan I have ever known in my entire life? It's my Aunt. I'd like to protect her identity and baptise her with the name Red Rosa just for the sake of this blog ;-) I hope I gave justice with that choice of a nickname for you my aunt! haha!

I would say Explosion was the biggest hit of the group. Members are: Charlie, Roby, Ricky, Rey and Roy. Imagine her influence in me that I remembered the names of those guys. Of course, we all know, Ricky was the youngest back then but now he is a hit on his own. For those of you who didn't know, Ricky Martin was the youngest member of Menudo during the days. And again, I would say I know these stuff, not from the showbiz central but from my aunt. He was really cute. Although, my aunt's favorite was really Roby Rosa.

They were all good-looking and during their teeanage years, who wouldn't fall for them? They reminded me of F4... haha. But that's a different story. You see, my aunt's mom was strick back in the days but she let my aunt watched the Boys in concert. Manila was four hours away but she managed to get there. I'd say, she really was an avid fan. Wait, let me rephrase that. She really was a die-hard fan.

From my aunt, I have learned what it means to be an avid or die hard fan... because she was or at least used to be.

If I am going to ask her right now who were the subsequent members of Menudo, I bet she would still know it. By the way, I am not really sure of the original members of the group but at least, those names were stocked on my braincells. If given the chance to enumerate the songs in the first album of menudo where Roby Rosa was the lead, she could name them ;-) wanna bet?

Lyrics of the song Explosion by Menudo
I can hear ny heart poundin’ loud
Every time I feel you’re near
Something ‘bout the look in your eyes
My defenses disappear

It’s the tension(gettin’ closer)
That you trigger
You’re the spark(gettin’ closer)
That makes my heart quiver

Danger warnings flash in my mind
When I hold you in my arms(warnings, warnings)
Something ‘bout the thrill of your touch
Sets off all my love alarms(danger, danger)

It’s your nearness
It’s the pressure
Your intensity
That I treasure

Like an explosion!
My love for you
It’s an explosion!
My love for you
It’s an explosion
That keeps my heart beating
That keeps my soul alive-ive-ive

My whole system loses control
When I hear you call my name(warnings, warnings)
Something ‘bout the sound of your voice
Sets my body into flames (danger, danger)

You are the fire in me
Temperature’s risin’ deep within me
You spark my heart’s detonation
You are the thunder, the lighting that strikes me!

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MARY JUNE D. said...

I'm from Cebu City. I was also a big fan of Menudo. I remember their first Philippine concert was April 12, 13 and 14, 1985. I'm a year younger than Robby Rosa and Roy Rosello and a year older than Ricky Martin. I had a huge crush on Robby and Roy. My favorite Menudo songs were Heavenly Angel, Because of Love, Explosion, Please Be Good To Me, Chocolate Candy, and the first Menudo music video that I saw on tv was 'Like A Cannonball.

Thank you for this post. I like it. Keep on writing.