Beer - Itchy Worms

I'd say this is a very long and lonely song. I thought I couldn't translate this but I did my best shot. I am blogging about this because this is one of my sister's favorites (according to her). This song was pre-installed on her PC when she first bought it. I bet it was a give away.

In all honesty, I haven't heard or known about this song if not because of my sister because I seldom listen to FM or AM stations, not to mention TVs, except TV series or news if I got time. (What a boring life I am living, really?) Other than the song, of course, my sister is my drinking buddy however she is a beer person, while I am a hard-person, i.e. hard drinks. I just thought I gain more calories with beer, that's all.

Still, I love beer because, it is more handy and you can buy it anywhere here (try the sari-sari store).

In MP3 format, this song takes about 6 minutes or over of play time. I hope I was able to capture and translate the lyrics below. So why am I talking about this song right now? It is a good match to a recipe I cooked this afternoon: tokwa't baboy... I am speaking for myself and I'd say it is a match, not necessarily for a beer but anything that has alcohol in it. This is the song that I can currently refer to a drinking session so I am blogging about it now. Huh, do I really need to explain that? I just did. ;-)

Anyway, it is beer and tokwa't baboy so they go together. (If you wanna know the ingredients for that food, let me know. You know where to email me.)

Here is the lyrics and my translation:
Nais kong magpakalasing dahil wala ka na (I wanna get drunk because you're gone)
Nakatingin sa salamin at nag-iisa (looking at the mirror, and alone)

Nakatanim pa rin ang gumamelang binalik mo sa`kin nang tayo`y maghiwalay (the flower you gave back to me is still planted)
Ito`y katulad Ng damdamin ko kahit buhusan mo ng beer ayaw pang mamatay (it's like my feelings for you, it won't die even if I pour beer into it)

Giliw, wag mo sanang limutin (my dear, don't ever forget)
Ang mga araw na hindi sana naglaho (the days that should have not disappeared)
Mga anak at bahay nating pinaplano (the kids and house we were planning)
Lahat ng ito`y nawala Nung iniwan mo ‘ko (all these vanished when you left me)
kaya ngayon (that's why, now...)

Nais kong magpakasabog (I wanna explode)
Dahil olats ako (because I'm a loser)
Kahit ano hihithitin (I wanna puff anything)
Kahit tambutso (including the muffler)
Kukuha ako ng Beer at ipapakulo (I will get a beer and boil it)
Sa kaldero’t lalanghapin Ang usok nito (in a kettle and inhale its smoke)
Lahat ay aking gagawin (I will do everything)
Upang hindi ko na isiping nag-iisa na ako (so I won't remember that I am alone)

Beer - Itchy Worms

2 Responses
  1. music247 Says:

    ...tokwa't baboy! How can i forget? I will always remember that day!

  2. SongDiary Says:

    Remember to put the sugar... it was sweet!

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