Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

I once lived in a boarding house full of nurses. It was a pad meant for 5 people and 4 out of the 5 were nurses. I was the “ugly duckling” so to speak. Living with them was really amazing. We lived together as if we were one family, one peer, one in gimmick. Of course, we had remarkable gimmick when we had the same day-off from work. We would have pizza, beer or coffee and the videoke mic cannot be missed.

This is the song that would remind me of those days. I used to sing this song but really didn’t paid much attention most especially on the Rap part. Mathel like this song which she thought I really know full well how to sing it. I didn't. But each time we turn the mic on, in every leisure time we had, she always play this song. Somehow, she was able to learn it from her co-workers and she would come home, play the videoke mic and let us sing it. We tried to perfect the song, and we only succeeded a little.

Mathel is now in another country. We still get in touch every now and then but one thing is very sure to happen: this song will remind me of my nurse named Mathel.

For you girl...

Bohemian rhapsody - Queen

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