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We were boarding a bus, holding hands, as we usually do when we travel. We travelled a lot, by bus. We seldom drive our car... it was just too boring and tiring. As we boarded the bus, this song played and it just played on my mind over and over again.

What kind of feeling is this? When would this feeling end? There were a lot of questions running through my brain cells and this kind of feeling made me happy and I hope the feeling won't end.

A decade later, I still have that feeling... to that same person and I expect the feeling is mutual. But I cannot impose others' feelings towards me. I am just here expressing my thoughts and my feelings. To my dearest and sweetest, I can't stop and I remain.

You know how I feel, this thing can't go wrong; I can't live my life without you...

And maybe to all those Michael Jackson fans out there... who have decreased in number and who stayed silent of how good this man was, not until his death... he was a loving person. Noone acknowledged it, in fact they added insult to the injury he already endured.

To Michael, you may have loved yourself too much but it was not a crime. You were just misunderstood.

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Each Time The Wind Blows
I Hear Your Voice So
I Call Your Name . . .
Whispers At Morning
Our Love Is Dawning
Heaven's Glad You Came . . .

You Know How I Feel
This Thing Can't Go Wrong
I'm So Proud To Say
I Love You
Your Love's Got Me High
I Long To Get By
This Time Is Forever
Love Is The Answer

I Hear Your Voice Now
You Are My Choice Now
The Love You Bring
Heaven's In My Heart
At Your Call
I Hear Harps,
And Angels Sing

You Know How I Feel
This Thing Can't Go Wrong
I Can't Live My Life
Without You

I Just Cant Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson

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