Mr. Suave - Parokya ni Edgar

Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!!! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!!!
That was the only phrase that made me smile.

It was 2004, I was on the wheel, my passengers were my aunt, my sister and five cousins. It was SUV I was driving and it was an estimate of 8 hour drive.

At the start of the journey, were we singing this song together. Except my other 2 cousins who came from New Zealand, everyone sang along with me. And then the noise waned and another song played on the radio. I was listening closely to that music then the rain starting to drop. Another SUV was approaching, park lights are on. I was running 80kph but trying to slow down. As I did, I passed by a bridge and then boom! The wheel locked, we were heading towards the railings of the bridge we just passed by. Then it stopped, evryone on their attention.

The right side panels of the van hit the metal railing of the bridge and we were so blessed we didn't fell on the fields. We were really thankful to that railings. We checked everyone, checked the van then decided to push through with the plan. It was our first time out of town, in some tourist spots just north of La Union. We were almost there.

There was another cousin who could drive the car but because of the accident, no one was ready to grab the wheel. I continued the drive until we reached our transient house. I was silent the entire journey and as soon as we unpacked our things, everyone was over with their nerves, it was time to cheer me up. I remember they just said Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! and i tried to give them what they wanted: a smile. I smiled but the worry was still there.

That was my major accident on the road and truly blessed for the safety of everyone despite the event.

This is our story behind this song. Our vacation. Our accident. Our song. I'm sure to you Rodel, Rey, Anna, Maria, Rose, Anthony and Faye, this was unforgetable!

Here is the song:

Mr. Suave - Parokya Ni Edgar

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