Maybe - Sherin Regis

When I grow lonely, I remember my old friends and special people -loved ones. I always wondered why it didn't work out, where it went wrong. Then again, I tell myself, nothing went wrong, we just had to grow not necessarily with them, but on our own.

I used to grow on my own. In fact I want to be alone because when I do, I get more creative, I am more free, I see myself clearly, my mind is so focused. However, just yesterday, I remembered "Diday" and I thought of her when I heard this song without the intention of winning her back but just to spark the old friendship we once had. I am just a fan of peace... of reconsiliation... of friendship. "Maybe" the world would become the world we wanted it to be: World without hatred.

That's just my simple wish... from my diday, to maybe, to world peace. Would that be possible?

If we both decide to try and make it one more time
I hope we take the time to know each other well
And if the answers don't come quick, we'll go with how it feels
And sometimes that's not yes or no, but...

Maybe... there'll be no falling stars this time around
I still believe that honesty is all we'll ever need
You and me again... Maybe

You keep asking me if I will love you for all time
If two of us will be enough to make us strong
And if we learn to keep it free and let each other grow
We'll find out there's no yes or no, but

Maybe... no candles or guitars this time around
I still believe that honesty is all we ever need (all we need)
(Can we make it through) Can we make it through
(Can we make it through) You and me again
(You and me again) Hah... Maybe

maybe by sherin

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