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Here goes my story:

As I recall... this song was very popular when I was still in high school or in my junior years. My brother loved this song so much maybe because of the lyrics but I loved it because Diane Reeve showed off her very powerful voice.

So my friends went to a bar in Quezon City (Virgin Cafe, Timog Ave, QC, sometime in 2005). We occupied two tables not knowing, a singer, a local talent I also admired because of her powerful voice, was seated to a table in front of us. She was Ella May Saison, the talent behind "Till my heartache ends".

Picture this: an artist you love for her song and a song you love to hear all in one! This is one of my most enterntaining days!

I always come across local talents but I do not recognize them until someone tells me they are popular people and I will just say "Ahhh!, alright!" But when it was Ella May Saison, my goodnesss, there was no second thoughts! The moment I realized she was seated beside us, I had nothing but praises for her song and admiration for her powerful voice. (I will have another entry for her song later)

It was Ella May, singing another favorite song of mine at a simple bar! (I meant simple because they did not actually advertise that there would be a professional singer that night) It was like a free meal for me. So when "Better Days" is played, I remember my brother, I remember Ella May, I remember that entertaining moment of my life.

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