After All - Peter Cetera

This song reminds me of the movie Chances Are (Robert Downey Jr., Sybill Shepherd and Mary Stewart Masterson - I got those names memorized because the movie really got to my nerve and I loved the story.) I can still tell you the story of the movie if you didn't get the chance to see it but I am providing you here with the link to the summary of the movie.(

This is the theme song of that movie and each time I hear this song, I also remember my dad's brothers and sister. They were the ones who actually informed me about this song. We used to go out together, beach, climb the mountain, visit relatives and just roam around town and travelled a lot. They now live in America and how I miss them so. The memories we had together is always worth remembering. We are just one big happy family and I love it!

Well, here we are again, I guess it must be fate.
We've tried it on our own, but deep inside we've known
We'd be back to set things straight.

I still remember when your kiss was so brand new.
Every memory repeats, every step I take retreats,
Every journey always brings me back to you.

After All the stops and starts, we keep coming back to these two hearts,
Two angels who've been rescued from the fall.
After All that we've been through, (it) all comes down to me and you.
I guess it's meant to be, forever you and me
After All.

When love is truly right, it lives from year to year.
It changes as it goes, Oh, and on the way it grows,
But it never disappears

Always just beyond my touch, you know I needed you so much.
After All, what else is livin' for?

After All - Peter Cetera

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