One of us - Joan Osborne

There was a time in my life when I was at a loss. I was raised as a Catholic and was religiously following orders of my religion. One point in my life, when I was studying Philosophy at the University of the Philippines, I lost that faith.

I would consider it the most awakening moment in my life and this song would always remind me of my slumber from darkness. What if God doesn't exist, I asked myself. What were the events that led to the existence of God? How did God come into being? Is he a being at all? Where does He reside? and a lot more questions confronting me and so I stopped believing. I got tired looking for answers, I got lazy explaining, I got uninterested learning about God. In fact, I lost interest in the Supreme Being and all other transcendental things. I just stopped believing and told myself there was now heaven or spirit and everything not tangible. I became a skeptic, agnostic.

But I had a friend who knows about my struggle and didn't quit on me. She keeps on telling me she's praying for me. Then the unthinkable happened. I began establishing the existence of God. I got tired finding for answers then started believing again. There are a lot of things I cannot explain in this world, I told myself. Not really finding out the answers for all my previous questions is not blind obedience. I believe it is called "leap of faith". I know my friends prayers helped me a lot and of course, my willingness to believe, to chose what my parents have been telling me all along. There are things we cannot resolve on our own so hte layman's term for that is "go with the flow". If I became a fool folowing Jesus Christ, at least I know someone else is more fool than I am. There are those who have died defending their Religion. I haven't reach that point yet but when I do, I am gladly surrendering my life. (Whew... that was tough explanation and this is such a heavy blog from me this time.)

All right, so let's cut the chase, here is the song:

If God had a name what would it be?
And would you call it to his face?
If you were faced with Him in all His glory
What would you ask if you had just one question?

And yeah, yeah, God is great
Yeah, yeah, God is good
yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Tryin' to make his way home?

If God had a face what would it look like?
And would you want to see if, seeing meant
That you would have to believe in things like heaven
And in Jesus and the saints, and all the prophets?

Back up to heaven all alone
Nobody calling on the phone
Just tryin' to make his way home
Nobody calling on the phone
'Cept for the Pope maybe in Rome

One Of Us - Joan Osborne

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Zach said...

One of my favorite songs :) thanks