Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita - Roselle Nava


He told me to listen to this song. He told me this for a number of times. He keeps saying it. Never a day did he fail to do so. It did not sink in. I thought it was too skin deep.

Looking back, he said it to me with all his heart. All along he was telling me how much he loved me but I took him for granted. It was too late... very late when I realized what he was trying to tell me. I know I can never have him back as much as I want to but all I'd like to do now is love him back no matter what. This must be difficult for he has found the love of his life and all I can do now is watch him, with so much love, go on his way... away with the love he much deserve!

This was his song for me and this is what I want to tell him in return although we have drifted apart.

I tried my best to translate this song. If you have any comments please let me know. I hope I was able to capture (and properly translate) what the artist was trying to convey in this song.
Lyrics of the song
Kapag ako ay nagmahal (If I were to fall in love)
Isa lamang at wala nang iba pa (it would be with only one)
Iaalay buong buhay (I will offer my whole life)
Lumigaya ka lang, lahat ay gagawin (For you to be happy, I will do anything)
Tumingin ka man sa iba (You may see others)
Magwawalang-kibo na lang itong puso ko (my heart will remain unaffected)
Walang sumbat na maririnig (You will not hear a word)
Patak ng luha ko ang iniwang saksi (Tears in my eyes will be the only witness)

Bakit nga ba mahal kita (Why do I love you)
Kahit 'di pinapansin ang damdamin ko (Even if you ignore my feelings)
'Di mo man ako mahal, ito pa rin ako (You may not love me, I am still here)
Nagmamahal nang tapat sa 'yo (Loving you faithfully)
Bakit nga ba mahal kita (Why do I love you)
Kahit na may mahal ka mang iba (Even if you love somebody else)
Ba't baliw na baliw ako sa 'yo (Why I am so crazy about you)
Hanggang kailan ako magtitiis (How long will I bear this?)
O, bakit nga ba mahal kita (Oh, why do I love you)

Ano man ang sabihin nila (Whatever they say)
Pagtingin ko sa 'yo'y 'di kailan man magmamaliw (my feelings for you won'd change)
Buong buhay paglilingkuran kita (I will serve you my whole life)
'Di naghahangad ng ano mang kapalit (I won't expect nothing in exchange)

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Mark Casingal said...

Nice translation of the song. Love this song. If I could remember this song was being played here in Manila< Philippines back circa 1997 - 1998 but up to now 2012. You can hear this being sang in videoke. A timeless classicof Ms. Roselle Nava