First Love Never Dies - Boyfriends

I would like to talk about some of my "firsts".

My sister and I were bound to Manila sometime ago and music lover as we were, we had an mp3 playing althroughout our journey. One of the songs played was this one:

first love never dies - boyfriends

I am very familiar with this song because this was one of our "lunchtime songs". You see, back in high school, after our lunch, we take a nap at our own desks in our classroom. I do not recall who were the rest of our companies then but one person I remember was my friend Agnes (I talked about her from my previous post). The two of us gathered our heads and put the lyrics from this song as much as we could. We didn't get the chance to really take a nap because we talked about this song. Then we asked ourselves: "Does first love really never die?"

I thought of those people who married not their first love but their subsequent relationships. As I age however, I came to realize what it really means for "first love never dies". For me, it means conitnuously loving that person and wishing all the happiness for them whether their life happines includes you or not. Personally, I would say first love never really dies and your may agree with me when I say the first is the most unforgetable.
To all of you, I am proud to present an OPM song from one of my favorites and here is the lyrics:

I tried to live without you 'though I find it hard to do
I thought of yesterday, how sweet the love we shared
And I just can't forget you 'cause first love never dies
Now I'm alone without you
Don't know what I'm gonna do
You've been a part of me
I'm lost without your love
I need you badly baby, I'm down here on my knees
First love never dies
I just wanna say
That I still love you
First love never dies
Through the years that come and go
I still will say... I love you

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Peter said...

I have to agree very much you say.

I am in my late 50s, she's mid-50s. We were madly in love with each other but never got to marry each other. Instead we were separated for over 30 years until recently we came back together again by chance.