Right by Your Side - MYMP

My friend broke the news with me today. She is finally leaving for Singapore. I have always prayed for her plans and now it is coming within her grasp. I remember saying a Novena prayer for her and my happiness was inexplainable when I got her good news. It was sad that another good person has to leave the country for greener pasture but it was also a relief knowing that all her life, this is now her moment, albeit away from her family.

I have been her sole friend and company when her family members, the last of whom was her baby sisiter left for America. She stayed here solo and it was unfattomable how a single person, with only a meager nursing job to attend to in this country could survive. She is a family person. Her parents are her true friends, her little sister her inspiration. As a consolation, I was her confidante.

The instant I received her news, I rejoiced and thought of this song. I know it would still be long way until she'd finally be reunited with her family but this is a step closer.

My friend/sister, this is for you...
Everyday we go through different things
We may not know what tomorrow may bring
But I know that I'll be okay
Baby come what may
And everyone has their share of ups and downs
Never so sure of what fate will allow
But I know somehow we'll make it through
just me and you

when it's time to cry we can cry together
know that I'll be with you, with you through whatever
when the times get rough
know that I will be right by your side
I'll be right by your side

I know that you have been hurt before
feelin' like you couldn't trust anymore
but it's always good to know that
there's someone there for you
although sometimes things may not turn out right
I'll be right here, you don't have to hide
whatever you feel inside we'll make it through,
just me and you

we'll share the laughter
and you know we'll also share the tears
and when times are bad
just know that I'll always be here...
just remember -

when it's time ...

I'll never go away
I will be right here beside you
I'll be with you all the way
and I'll be here to stay with you
come what may...
Just remember -

when it's time ...

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