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I learned how to drive when I was about 14 years old. I was already on my second year in high school.

Among my siblings, my dad gave me driving lessons first. I practiced inside our compound, in the yard. It was just a plain "atras-abante" thing, meaning the lesson was just driving first gear, moving forward, then back-up. I don't want to give you the impressin that our compound was really big. It was just enough to move forward and backward, while I get accustomed with gear-shifting. If my memory serves me right, my first high way drive was from our school to our house.

It was an adventure, really, because I was forced by my brother to drive it, otherwise, we will not eat lunch. I remember that was the story. Since I mastered first gear, I wasn't sure when or how will I get to second gear. I used to recal my dad saying hear the engine. Once the engine grows a little noisy, I have to gear up. So I did... until we reached home. Thank God!

Almost 2 decades later, I thought of myself as over-driven. I now have fears driving, I am no longer confident driving. I now enjoy being the passenger. Anyway, if I really have to drive, I would but given the other option, I'd chose another.

This is my translation
OVERDRIVE - Eraserheads
alam mo mayron akong pangarap sa buhay (You know I have a wish in life)
sana matupad na (I hope it would be granted now)

magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio (I will drive up to Baguio)
magda-drive ako hanggang Bicol (I will drive up to Bicol)
magda-drive ako hanggang Batangas (I will drive up to Batangas)
tapos magswi-swimming d'on sa beach (Then I'd swim in the beach)

isasama ko ang girlfriend ko (I'll invite my girlfriend)
isasama ko kahit sinong may gusto (I'll invite anyone who wants)
kahit may kasama siyang aso (Even if she brings her dog)
basta't meron siyang dalang sariling buto (As long as it brings its own bone)

magdadala ako ng pagkain (I will bring food)
burger fries tapsilog at siopao (Burger, fries, tapsilog* and siopas)

magda-drive ako hanggang Visayas (I will drive til Visayas)
magda-drive ako hanggang sa Mindanao (I will drive til Mindanao)

magda-drive ako buong taon (I will drive the whole year)
magda-drive ako habang buhay (I will drive my whole life through)
magda-drive ako hanggang buwan (I will drive up to the moon)
please please lang turuan nyo akong magdrive(Please, please, teach me how to drive)

gusto kong matutong magdrive (I want to learn how to drive, even if I don't have a car)
(kahit na wala akong kotse)

gusto kong matutong magdrive (I want to learn how to drive, even if I don't have the license)
(kahit na walang lisensya)
TAPSILOG is a breakfast favorite, a contracted word of the following:
TAPa - beef
SInangag - fried rice
itLOG - egg


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