Say That You Love Me - Martin Nievera


We talked yesterday. It was a normal chit chat and I was so dumb not telling her how much she means to me. It was one of the ordinary conversations I was hoping would become special. I remembered singing this song for her before, when plans were all right and sailing was as calm as the seas.

As a consequence of normalcy, people and things change as they say. Plans do too. And it was predetermined that life would only be made colorful by the music we hear, the songs we decide to remember, the feelings we intend to rekindle, the people we unconditionally fall in love with... but that too shall come to pass with a very positive note that we'll journey that lane again like we always used to.

Say That You Love Me
My morning starts to shine with tear drops in my eyes
And here i am alone, starting to realize
That my days would be brighter if i could learne to hide,
feelings that i have for you keep hurting me inside...

Now my day begins with simple thoughts that's you
Hoping that tomorrow will be me and you
sharing dreams with each other and making them come true,
holdin' one another sayin' all i need is you....

But will you say that you love me and show me that you care,
Say when i need you, you will always be there
But if you go and leave me this I swear is true
My love will always be with you......

Now my nights would end, with just one wish that's you
To hold me in the dark and help me make it through
Coz the pain that's inside me will simply melt away
If i had you here with me and promise me you'll stay.....

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