Anima Cristi - Church Song

Here is another song recently known to me as another Bukas Palad song. I always knew this as a church song because I hear it everytime we fall in line to receive the holy communion.

This is the lyrics:

Soul of Christ
Sanctify me
Body of Christ save me
Water from the side of Christ
Wash me, Passion of Christ
Give me strength

Hear me Jesus
Hide me in thy wounds
That I may never leave thy side
From all the evil that surrounds me
Defend me and when the call of death arrives
Bid me come to thee
That I may praise thee
With thy saints forever

My cousin taught me the sign language of this song when we were trying to complete the sign for the I Offer My Life song. That was ages ago and when I asked her to teach me the actions again, she has already forgot it and so did I.

I still love to sing this song and right now, being a designated alto voice in our choir, I am tryong to learn to sing its second voice techniques. My church sisters are very supportive and I am happy. I am learning new way to sing this song which has been a part of my religious life. I have always learned its lyrics since I attempted to join the choir during our high school, a catholic school. During those days I joined the "Life in the Spirit Seminar". I belonged to batch 3 so if you are familiar with the LSS, you know what it means to belong to a batch 3. I was still very young then but was very enthusiastic in joining religious activities when most of my peers did. I am proud to say that I belonged to a good peer group during my high school days because we held each other in puruance of our catholic convictions.

That was the story of my ascent to spiritual aspect of my life. There was also a downfall which I have previously narrated in One of Us.

Thanks for listening.

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