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It's rainy outside as we experience the onslaught of Typhoon Parma here in the Philippines. Thank goodness the power is up and I could use the internet. There are no music running in my head lately other than that featured sound in my nephews Farmville online game at Facebook. I don't know why there is such a fuzz about that farmville or farmtown. If you have a facebook account, you would know what I mean because one time you have been invited to trade an object or been invited to be a neighbor of somebody. That's a guaranteed notification.

My sister's co-worker said... "It was just a way for them to spend time and meet new people online." I agree with him although I still can't find time to play that. I am limited to saying hello to my friends there at facebook.

The other thing that's keeping me busy online is checking my blogsite. I am not really a full time blogger... At least that's what I believed during the start up stage of this blogsite. But slowly, I am learning a lot from blogging and you know what excites me? I occasionally check on the plug-ins of my blog (even the word plug-in was alien to me before but I have somehow understood it) and what is really exciting for me is the increasing amount on my projectwonderful site and my card at entrecard. I am just talking about a single digit amount that my blogsite is earning so far. That means so much to me because I didn't really expect something big out of this. It was only my aim to tell about my song stories and appreciate the people around me... this is in fact my tribute to them.

If I happen to earn anything out of doing things I love, that is a consolation for me.

Thanks for reading again.

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