Ocean Deep - Cliff Richard

I have a fever... the 80s fever because I heard this song... from my brains!

Yes, I haven't heard this song for a very, very long time now. It just popped up in my mind and viola! What did I recall?

My cousins old house in San Fernando, La Union. I pictured myself looking out of the window, searching for where the sound was coming from. It was the radio station that our neighbor was listening to. Funny thing is, it was like yesterday to me but that picture I am referring was my recollection of a moment back in the 80s. I was still in grade school then.

I was lying down on my cousin's bed, alone, staring at the foreign beer stickers he proudly displayed on the walls of his room. He's got plenty of those stickers, I think it was heineken... and budweisser... and carlton... and I love beers! Those are just the brands I remember although I am only familiar with the Bud. (I found the pictures on the net, so I my guess was right.)

So there you are, the song that reminds me of my short stay at my cousin's room. Incidentally, their house is just a walking-distance to the sea or the Ocean.

Lyrics of the song OCEAN DEEP by CLIFF RICHARD
Love , can't you see I'm alone
Can't you give this fool a chance
A little love is all I ask
A little kindness in the night
Please don't leave me behind
No, don't tell me love is blind
A little love is all I ask and that is all

Ooh love, I've been searchin' so long
I've been searchin' high and low
And little love is all I ask
A little sadness when you go

Maybe you'll need a friend
Only please don't let's pretend
A little love is all I ask
And that is all

I wanna spread my wings but I just can't fly
As a string of pearls, the pretty girls go sailin' by

Ocean deep
I'm so afraid to show my feelings
I have sailed a million ceilings
Solitary room...

Ocean deep
Will I ever find a lover
Maybe she has found another
And as I cry myself to sleep
I know this love of mine I'll keep...
Ocean deep

Now , can't you hear when I call
Can't you hear the word I say
A little love is all I ask
A little feelin' when we touch
Why am I still alone
I've got a heart without a home
A little love is all I ask
And that is all

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