Itanong Mo sa mga Bata - Asin

He lied down beside me for 2 nights now...

He cries like a baby... because he is in fact a baby. His name is Zeth, like the third son of Adam and Eve only his starts with Z. The first night with him was devastating. I was sleepless. I told myself I'd rather have sleepless nights reading or doing some case digests for school than spend with him doing nothing. Or was it really nothing? Adding one meaningful day to his life is something isn't it?

Today, he sleeps with me again for the 3rd time. I wonder how far my patience would take me tonight. Nevermind, I have my sister's laptop with me the entire night so I can do something on the sideline.

While preparing his milk, this song came to mind. It is an OPM song by


I was staring at him, joyfully realizing that it is indeed nice to become childlike and innocent again. He is my constant reminder that life is really simple: we sleep, we eat, we change clothes. He likewise reminds me that to get rid of the wrinkles, we minimize the stress, we let go of the worries (because "worrying is an insult to God"), and to forget the problems ("because all problems have solutions"). Those things came to mind and this song fits everything.

Here is the Lyrics of the song Itanong Mo sa Mga Bata (Ask it From the Children) and my English Translation.
Ikaw ba'y nalulungkot (Are you Lonely?)
Ikaw ba'y nag-iisa (Are you alone?)
Walang kaibigan (without a friend)
Walang kasama (without a company)
Ikaw ba'y nalilito (Are you confused?)
Pag-iisip mo'y nagugulo (Your mind is in chaos)
Sa buhay ng tao (About human life)
Sa takbo ng buhay mo (About your life)

Ikaw ba'y isang mayaman (Are you rich?)
O ika'y isang mahirap lang (Or are you just poor)
Sino sa inyong dalawa (Who among you)
Ang mas nahihirapan (is having difficulty?)

Masdan mo ang mga bata (Observe the Children)
Masdan mo ang mga bata (Observe the Children)
Ikaw ba'y walang nakikita (Do you not see)
Sa takbo ng buhay nila (How their life is going?)

Masdan mo ang mga bata (Observe the Children)
Ang buhay ay hawak nila (They hold their life)
Masdan mo ang mga bata (Observe the Children)
Ang sagot ay 'yong makikita (You will see the answer)

Ikaw ba'y ang taong (Are you the kind of person)
Walang pakialam sa mundo (Who doesn't care about the world)
Ngunit ang katotohanan (But the truth)
Ikaw ma'y naguguluhan (Are you confused?)

Tayo ay naglalakbay (We are travelling)
Habol natin ang buhay (We catch up with life)
Ngunit ang maging bata ba'y tulay (But to be child is a bridge)
Tungo sa hanap nating buhay (towards the life we search)

Masdan mo ang mga bata (Observe the Children)
Ang aral sa kanila makukuha (We get the lesson from them)
Ano nga ba ang gagawin (What are we to do)
Sa buhay na hindi naman sa atin (With life that we don't own)

Itanong mo sa mga bata (Ask the children)
Itanong mo sa mga bata (Ask the children)
Ano ang kanilang nakikita (What do they see)
Sa buhay na hawak nila (In life hey have)

Masdan mo ang mga bata (Observe the children)
Sila ang tunay na pinagpala (They are truly blessed)
Kaya dapat nating pahalagahan (So we have to value them)
Dapat din kayang kainggitan (Do we also have to envy them)

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  1. Thats the most beautiful expressions in whats hidden inside every ones soul. the real feeling of other children's is the most look at a clean world away from violence.

    Thank you so much ..

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