Isang Lahi - Regine Velasquez

Lyrics of the song Isang Lahi with translation
Kung ang tinig mo'y di naririnig (If your voice isn't heard)
Ano nga ba ang halaga ng buhay sa daigdig (What is the value of life in this world?)
Darating ba ang isa ngayon at magbabago ang panahon (Will another come today and season will change?)
Kung bawat pagdaing ay laging magulo (If every sigh is always in random)

Aanhin ko pa dito sa mundo (What use will it be in this world)
Ang mga matang nakikita'y di totoo (To have eyes that see untruth/false)
May ngiting luha ang likuran (There's a smile but tears are behind it)
At paglayang tanong ay kailan (And freedom with a question of when)
Bakit di natin isabog ang pagmamahal (Why don't we spread love?)

Sundan mo ng tanaw ang buhay (Follow life with gaze)
Mundo ay punan ng saya at gawing makulay (Fill the world with joy and make it colorful)
Iisa lang ang ating lahi (We only have one race)
Iisa lang ang ating lipi (We only have one generation)
Bakit di pagmamahal ang ialay mo (Why not offer love)
Pangunawang tunay ang siyang nais ko (Genuine understanding is what I like)
Ang pagdamay sa kapwa'y nandiyan sa palad mo (To sympathize with fellow is there in your palms)

Diba't ang gabi ay mayroong wakas (Isn't night has ending?)
Pagkatapos ng dilim ay may liwanag (After the darkness, there is light)
Araw ay agad na sisikat (The sun will soon rise)
Iilawan ang ating landas (It will light our path)
Ng magkaisa bawat nating pangarap (So each of our dreams/goals will become one)...

I translated the song Isang Lahi because I love its message, other than of course, I love singing it when we have our videoke sessions.

I am always tearful when I hear news about racism or see people who think they should be recognized as superior than others. It is also sad for me that people identify themselves as inferior in relation to others. I told you about an incident in Manila when we attended the Bar ops. Our "camp" was beside a school based in Manila. We were from the province and we seated so close to each other and this lady started blobbing and shouting at us saying we shouldn't stay beside their "camp". I asked myself why? Maybe it's because they are one of the institutions of Law School in our country but the heck! We stood on our ground and we stayed there. Their enlightened chairman approached us and apologized for the actuation of the lady. We were comforted and we set the tone down and dwell in that same place in harmony. We even offered each other food during the lunch break.

The grudge is still there, however, cool-head empowered us. We just placed in our head that indeed there are un-enlighted people whether rich or poor, educated or not.

Ahh, I am getting out of topic I think. My point is, we should not compare ourselves with others. We just have to cool down our heads, pull all wits together and talk thins over. We should not be overwhelmed with prejudice that this person does not understand us because he belongs to a particular race and that race is known to be so and so. Oh, which reminds me of my own prejudice that I though lawyers, or law students at least, has a badge of high distinction because they are well-educated. I was wrong because of what that lady did to us. Ahhh! I can't help but be lonely and sad of what's going on with people lately.

So I am sharing with you this song and I hope that time of realization that we are ONE RACE is nearing.

Good day everyone!

Isang Lahi - Regine Velasquez

2 Responses
  1. This great song reminds me of my high school days. We used to sing this often.

    I'm a "promdi" too but I don't mind if my neighbors are from "ivy leagues".

    anyway, let's just be more patient and tolerance to our own "kalahi" who doesn't appreciate our colors.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I am from Thailand, I was a 4th year college student in Manila during Isang lahi was debut and aired thought local radio during year '87. It was reminded me good old day. Thank you in deed for your English traslation. Well interpreting.

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