Anak - Freddie Aguilar

First blog for this month and still I'm on that translation-fever. The urge is still on my nerves but this time, the artist/singer himself translated his song in English. This is the music from imeem and the lyrics below:

Anak- English Version - Freddie Aguilar

Child (English version of Thai song"Anak")
-Freddie Aguilar

When you were born into this world
Mom and dad saw a dream fulfilled
dream come true, the answer to their prayer.

What to them is a special child,
give them joy of time to smile,
It's time to cry, they're at your side to care.

Child you don't know, you never know
how far they'd go to give you all their love can give.
To see you through and God it's true
they'd die for you if they must see you leave.

A man to see his son came and went
so many years have now been spent
for time ran fast, and now at least you are strong.
Now while the sky is over you, seem you hate your parents too.
Speak out your mind, why do you find them wrong.

And now your path is kinda straight.
Child you aged you want to do or say.
You are so alone,
no friends are on your sied.
And child you now break down in tears.
Let them drive away your tears.
Where you must go, they want to stay open and wide.

This song was such a hit. Hitting the airwaves during that time was phenomenal because it talks about family values. The joy of parents in bringing us into this world but later on, we go astray. What a frustration it would be for them.

Indeed, this song served as a warning for me and those of my age because we were at the prime of our youth when this song was popularized. I don't want to hurt my parents, I was sure I made a conviction on that. I guess I haven't failed my parents yet... although, I haven't been of much help to their current problems.


Mykel Angelo Umayam said...

FYI Freddie Aguilar is a FILIPINO folk singer and his song is a Original Filipino Song and not a Thai or from any other country...

MJ Agaliv said...

I would also like to point out that the literal translation of the original Filipino song has a deeper and more detailed story that the artist's English version. While the artist did release an English version, it was also made in a way that he kept the syllable count, tune, tempo, etc. of the original. Some of the original ballad's details, sadly, were not brought over at all, literally "lost in translation"

Anonymous said...

Freddie is a Filipino.