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My mom loves to sing, no wonder I'm so inclined to music. In fact, the rest of my family members are: my dad, who sings duet with my mom; my sister who sings so great especially with beer in hand; my big brother, who had for himself his own videoke machine and; our youngest brother, whose song I have previously featured here in my blogsite (title: STAY).

Fernando is a song that would remind me greatly of my birthplace: it's called San Fernando, La Union (North of Manila, here in Philippines). I am not really sure if Abba was really referring to a place or a person but for me it is the former. There is so much memory in that place and each time I hear this song, my mind would really bring me back to that place. There were a lot of good childhood memories there for me. We cooked, we went fishing, we learned how to swim, boating, stroll in the evening, played hide and seek (forever because the players usually go straight to the beach while the "seeker" seeks players among the trees, houses and all).

That part of my childhood is like a paradise. There is beach to your left, a runway to your right and playmates in the middle. When we get tired playing in the runway (which was not yet fully functional back then), we play on the grasses, we rest then go swim in the beach. It sounds fun huh? Envious? Come visit our San Fernando one time! Lots of foreigners there too.

Enjoy the sound:

Fernando - ABBA

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