The Winner Takes It All - Abba

This is an Abba song that my mom used to sing in what we call "magic sing". We were one of the fortunate families who got the first edition of such gadget for entertainment. It was circa 90s.

Of course, prior to that, my mom had already been singing, even before she was born (wink)... singing is her twin.

Funny thing that I remember this song so much because next to singing, my mom is also fond of that "sports". That kind of sports you will usually see in casinos. When this song was played or sung by her, I almost always try to picture her playing cards and wish she'd "win it all", really! Who would want to lose anyway.

Everyone in the family would attest to the fact that my mom is a mild gambler. She does this during the weekend, after her office work, but not really on a weekly basis (granting that, we would have been so rich, plus she wins it all!) She skips it sometimes, and probably forgets about playing cards when she's with her grand children.

I can just see the smile on my mom's face when she wins it all and so we'll end up singing this song together. haha! Well, anyway, that is my story about this song: my mom, the winner of it all! And let me add that she's really a winner as a mom, a wife, a boss, a lola (grandma) and all.

Here is the lyrics:

Lyrics | Abba lyrics - The Winner Takes It All lyrics

Here is the music:

The Winner Takes It All - ABBA

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