Girl Be Mine - Francis M.

A recent loss to my favorite artists here in the Philippines is Francis M. As one newspaper headline said it: "Cancer claimed Francis M's life". The news was really devastating.

I have appreciated Francis M when I was still in high school. As a teen-ager in the 90's, he was an icon. I remember a lot of his songs and this song I loved the most. This was more of a rap and I remember I love listening to this music using my brother's walkman (truly vintaged). I love the way this song was sung and he was just so good.

I memorized this part of the song:
Let the sunshine
let the rivers run away
'Coz it's a beautiful day now
to play now...


Those were the times when all I cling on to is nature... watching the sunset, breathing fresh air in the mountain, birds chirping, wind blowing... exactly the things mentioned in his song. I remember my sister told me this was the song Francis M. played harmonica, like the way Alanis Morissette combined her harmonica in her songs (Ironic).

Each time I hear this song played, I can't help but sing and rap with him. I love rap music and if anyone would ask me, I would agree with the rest of the world. Francis M is the best rapper the Philippines has ever had.

Your music will live Kiko! Here is the music and I'm sure as the music starts, you can't help but sing with him. I will always be proud that I memorized your song... This is it:

Girl Be Mine - Francis M.

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