Chiquitita - Abba

This is where I would start my Mamma Mia saga. Everyone knows about this musical movie consisting of Abba songs. For the succeeding posts, let me impart with you my stories behind some songs of Abba.

It all started with the song Chiquitita.

I remember watching a televised singing contest with my parents. It was "Ang Bagong Kampeon" hosted by (the late) Bert Marcelo and Ms. Pilita Corales (translation: "The New Champion" circa 80s). It was the first time I learned about the song when one of its contestants sung it as a contest piece. I asked my mom about the original singer and she said it was Abba. At the back of my head, I wondered why would someone be named Abba (in my dialect, it means a kind of rootcrop -vegetable).

My parents used to encourage me to join in a singing contest. My confidence was never solid to start with so I brushed the idea behind my brain. I would recall how my dad would tell me "you can do that, too". I really had a fan in my dad. But my mom would just be quiet as she was maybe listening to my flaws while singing Chiquitita with the contestant.

If my memory serves me right, the contestant who sang that song was proclaimed the new champion. I really loved the part where it says (in a high note) "Try.... once more... like you did before... sing a new song Chiquitita" then the instrumental after that. I can't help but sway with it.

It's good, play it:

Chiquitita - ABBA

and here is the lyrics:

Lyrics | Chiquitita lyrics


Gemma said...

This is a song from my childhood as well. My mom had the albums and when I was 4 I had nothing better to do than play them. She is a Filipina too, btw.

odonovj said...

Does anyone know what the story behind chiquitita. I'm assuming it's a Latin females name. Who was she?