We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel

I believe this is the second song I will post by Billy Joel (I came to know him because of this song). This is the most influential song to my thirst for knowledge. This embraces a lot of things in our lifetime (even before I was born).

I consider this a very influential song because when I entered high school, I know I had an edge in our History class because I was already oriented about some places, events and persons around the world because of this song. I love singing, I will claim that over and over again. Because of this love for music, I memorized a lot of songs and you may not believe it but this is another one of those songs I have memorized. I don't know why I spend time memorizing songs... but I guess it was really a part of my life. Music and songs are an innate part of me.

I will not claim I passed high school because of this song. I somehow made it through it because of the historical accounts of its lyrics, events that happened before my birth and during our life time. In fact, I even had those names memorized til College. I was reminded of this song most especially in out International Politics subject. (I was a Political Science major, by the way)

There you are... the vast influence of music to me.. from friendship to past life to higher learning to history.

Let us all be reminded of the song but first, check out the lyrics and see if anyone could memorize it in a month or a year.

and the music is here:


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Flo said...

I too know all those words and have for years. I played the song and it all came back to me. But I can't remember what I had for lunch today :)