Alone - Heart

I was with my cousin the other day. We were just having some fun time at a restaurant when suddenly the owner brought out their "videoke". She (my cousin) asked me to sing -have I mentioned singing is my second nature? Perhaps she knows me enough to have not asked me if I can sing at all but she asked me to sing.

I'm a song lover, no wonder I have this blog site. However, being confronted what to sing at that moment, my mind was blank. I have sang a lot of songs already and I don't know what to sing. She told me about this song on her way to our meeting place that night, and asked me if I know this song. Of course I do. I also happened to sing this once when there was an occasion in our house.

So without much debate, she entered the song number and handed me the mic. It was my first song in that restaurant and as they say, one has to give a good impression at the start. But this song would not give me that chance. The note was just too high for me so I didn't sing it entirely. To our surprise, when the song ended, the videoke machine gave me a 98% rating. Impressive enough but I wasn't convinced because I know I blew the song.

Well, I was just given the chance to practice more on the song and hopefully I could sing it better next time. And by the way, the lyrics of the song is good... But this is my story about this song.

Hope you'll love it!

alone - heart

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