Hard Habit to Break - Chicago

This is another song whose lyrics I have kinda memorized, adn I'm proud I could still memorize some things. It is a story about a person you keep thinking about, a person stuck in your head for a very long time.

Lyrics Hard Habit To Break lyrics

I like this song most especially when it was revived by Jed Madela duet with Gary Valenciano (two famous artist from Manila). I just loved their singing! I've watched them perform live on different occasions and the experience was incomparable. Those were the rare moments I get to treat myself outside my home, for pleasure, as an outlet and a good break!

I've watched Gary Valenciano's concert in Dagupan, with my brother when we were still little children then I've seen him again in Bauio City when they performed at Burnham Park. I've seen Jed Madela once, in Katips Bar somewhere along Katipunan Ave, Quezon City. He sang really, really good and since then I have had head-over-heels admiration towards him. I always see them on TV, in a variety show, singing/performing. Gary V (for short) is a good dancer too, you know.

If you are wondering why this song popped up... I'm just out of my head lately. My partner called it "off" for I don't know how long. I know I sang this song once but it wasn't easy. Singing this song is not as easy as the good artists sing it. I like those singers, and I like this song so much that I can't break the habit of singing it. I'm sorry I can't write long right now. I still need to go through my notes in preparation for my exam this noon. Thanks for dropping by.

Enjoy the music

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