Angel - Sarah Mclachlan

I always loved this song and I can't forget the very first time I heard it played in the movie City of Angels. I watched that movie not just because of Nicolas Cage but also because of Meg Ryan. I just loved the movie and the idea that an angel could just be anywhere we are, watching over us. The movie was a love story and this is my story about this song.

Lyrics | Angel (feat. Sarah McLachlan) lyrics

I have an angel. Her name is Sophie, from her real name Sophia. I called her Sophie because it reminds me so much of her and it reminds me of the very first novel I read: Sophie's World.

I met Sophie (or at least I came to know her when I was already capable of thinking and remembering) when I was still a little kid. She took care of me and apparently, we were like "mother and child". What I mostly remember about her is my desire to get even with her when I grow up, because she was typically an adult of do's and don'ts. But that negative feeling towards her totally vanished when I finally got into my senses. She just did what she had to do and if only I listened... and if only I understood her concern, not just towards me but to all kids my age. She is relly close to our family. She was probably on her mid 50s when she first took care of me as a baby. Legends have it... we were inseparable! She was always misundertood, but I admired her and I love her!

Then I went to school and we parted ways for a while. I seldom see her and on some occasion, I brought her gifts, bought her medicine, brought her to the doctor and add some penny to her savings. I was so fond of her. Until one day, I realized she is growing older and yet, she was still very active that only a tragic accident had to put an end to her grief (for the loss of her husband and daughter), difficulties (of getting medical treatment for some age-related illness) and all sorts of hardship in life (like taking care of stubborn me :)

I have always felt her presence because I knew right there and then that she would always take care of me. This is what I asked of her. True enough, I felt her presence and I wasn't scared. When I was living a solitary life in Manila, I knew she was there with me and several occasions, when good things happen, she is the person that comes to mind that's why I consider her my angel. At times when I need to wake up early to go to work, I dream of her waking me up. One time I almost burnt my apartment when I almost fell asleep while I was boiling water. I didn't know how it happened but I was like sleep walking, I went to the kitchen then it dawned on me -I could have been a news headline the following morning! There were a lot of sad moments during those times but I managed to keep up. Although I was figuratively, physically and emotionally alone, spiritually I was being guarded. God sent me an Angel! Each time she appears in my dream, it was always with a happy thought and a good vibration.

I miss my Angel. I really do. Wherever you are, Salamat! (thank you!) You will always be in my heart. If there is one person who truly loved me, cared for me and knew me since day 1, it would be my Sophie.

Angel - Sarah McLachlan

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