Victims of Love - Joe Lamont

This is a song that has become popular again to me since I shuffled the contents of my mp3 player.  On really rare occasions, last night a friend of mine called me and just wanted to be heard of her heart problems. I could not do anything but listen. 

She spoke about how hurt she was over a hundred of times, as if I didn't get her message the first time.  I really didn't know what to say to stop her sobs and so deep within me, I asked, "why chose that guy? What has she ever seen in that guy anyway? Why fall in love with someone like that in the first place?"

We all fall in love isn't it? One favorite passage of mine I kept since high school was "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."  We all must fall in love somehow.

Reading once again the lyrics of the featured song, it hit me that we are victims of love depending on how we look at it.  There is brokenness, like what my friend is experiencing right now. Sometimes, here is hard feelings not because of a broken relationship but because of a long distance relationship. That is terrible and so  hearts love yet have to be prepared for such a battle, anticipating brokenness, planning how to cope seeing the debris, the memories of what used to be a mark of happiness in our days.

Just my thought.  See the lyrics below.  Have a nice day!

Victims Of Love lyrics

Joe Lamont

Our hearts have been to battle
Our souls have been to war
We've lost the will to carry on
We don't believe no more
Oh why is it that we got it set
That this could never happen to us
How long could we be. cause baby here we are

Victims of love are broken down affair
So sad to see the debris
Scattered everywhere
Victims of love, still cannot believe
We are the victims of love
We cannot retreat
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It used to be so easy, it used to be so good
We had an understanding that got misunderstood
I thought we were survivors and we'll never would go down
But now we're just outsiders as our love
Comes stumbling down



Maybe we played it a bit too sure
And everything was hearts and roses
Now fate stand still and closed the door
And we were just left standing
And we realized the ending
Why so near...
Where do we go from here...


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