Case Digest - Civil Law, Land Titles

Republic of the Philippines vs. CA/Bayona/Sepe et al

GRN 101115 August 22, 2002

AustriaMartinez, J.:


A lot title was issued to Abundia Romero in 1944 and that the OCT issued to her was not signed but merely indicated (SGD) Raf. R. Alunan. Private respondents Sepe are the heirs of Abundia and Bayona was a purchaser of the lot. Government petitioner filed for the annulment and revision of the lot based on the discrepancies cited. RTC dismissed the complaint.


Whether or not the reversal of the lot is proper in lieu of the discrepancies of the title held by Abundia and heirs.


The Civil Code provides that in the absence of any intestate heirs, the State shall inherit the whole estate. While the signature of the Register of Deeds does not appear but only (SGD) such is not sufficient to invalidate all title considering that the same public depository issued a certificate affirming the existence of the original OCT in the name of Abundia.

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