Constant Change - Jose Mari Chan

This is our beach in Darigayos, Luna, La Union located North of the Philippines.

Jose Mari Chan Lyrics

From the very title of this song, one could do nothing but agree with its concept. As they say: "Change is the only permanent thing in this world."

This song reminds me so much of my father's siblings (paternal siblings) who were just my age. When we were younger, we got the chance to spend a very long vacation with them. We went to the beach, climbed the Grotto, went fishing, diving and all. We really "moved from place to place". From Pangasinan, then to La Union then to Manila. They were from Tuguegarao, by the way. (All of the places I mentioned, except Manila, are provinces from the North of the country.)

As kids, we truly enjoyed that time together. Now, I was reminded of this song again because we already seldom see each other. We gathered together once in 2006 when their youngest, PJ, got married. Now they are all linving in America albeit the three of them living in different states. We are now living apart from each other but that vacation we spent together in 1989 was so memorable! I am not sure if I can produce photos from that day but it sure is very vivid in my memory.

Through the internet, we still communicate with each other and we get to share our own accomplishments, our heart aches and how we miss the old days. It's always nice to be young, to be like Peter Pan and to always cherish the childishness in our hearts. This song asked: "Have we outgrown our Peter Pan's and wings?" It's a troubling question for me but I want to convince myself that sometimes I see myself as an adult but when bombarded with so much pressure already, I think of a happy thought. I think of my childhood -the good ones of course.

And life is a constant change, oh no!

To Jose Mari Chan: I have always loved this song and the others you've recorded.

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